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Fe-EDDHMA chelated fertilizer



Water-soluble NK 9-16 Fertilizer, with soluble Leonardite and Iron (Fe) plus Manganese (Mn) in chelated form (Fe-EDDHMA) to prevent nutrient deficiencies or multichlorose in plants. So, to prevent or to correct severe deficiencies in crops, and to avoid any adverse interactions among Fe and Mn micronutrients and/or to improve organic matter contend into the soil, systematic treatments with Hechizo are recommended. In all these circumstances, Hechizo is an excellent alternative for the both: organic and mineral fertilization as well as for the improvement of the rest of standard crop conditions.

Technical Datasheet

Guaranteed Analysis:

Total Nitrogen (N) 9.3%, Ureic nitrogen 6%, Organic Nitrogen 3.2%, Soluble Potassium (K2O) 16%, Iron (Fe) total and water soluble 4.5%, Iron chelated as Fe- EDDHMA (ortho-ortho isomer) 3.9%, Manganese chelated (Mn- EDTA) 1%, Cobalt (Co) 2%, Organic carbon (C) 31%, Organic matter 54%, Chloride (Cl) 8%


Application time Drip irritation (g/plant) Soil incorporation (g/plant) Size Crop
At the beginning of the vegetation to ensure a good sprouting, blossom and set of the fruit. 5-10 g (4-8 kg/ha) 5-15 g (5-10 kg/ha) Saplings Fruit Trees
15-30 g (7-15 kg/ha) 15-40 g (9-18 kg/ha) Medium plants
30-40 g (10-20 kg/ha) 30-80 g (12-25 kg/ha) Big plants
0.5-1 g

(5-12 kg/ha)

1-3 g/m2

(7-15 kg/ha)



  • Do not mix product with copper and heavy metal compounds
  • A compatibility test should be carried out before mixing with fertilizer and pesticides
  • In drip irrigation, it is recommended to break the dose in 2 applications every 10-15 days
  • Use only when there is a recognized need
  • Do not exceed the appropriate dose rates

Storage condition

Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life

At least 5 years at normal room temperature under normal storage condition.