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Fe-EDDHA chelated fertilizer



Iron chlorosis in plants is an old problem occurring in areas of calcareous or alkaline soils. Diagnosis and correction of iron chlorosis are still being studied as well as many physiological and bio-chemical aspects of this nutritional disorder. Several crops mainly are exposed to suffer for iron chlorosis. In the wide range of the crops, soil application of iron compounds is the dominant practice to correct iron chlorosis. Elixir produced with the high purity or the raw materials used and the particular chelation process ensure this formulation an excellent solubility and a prompt, long-lasting greening action.

Technical Datasheet

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Iron (Fe)           6%

Iron chelated as Fe- EDDHA (ortho-ortho isomer)  4.8%

Chloride (Cl)            4%


Fertigation Application time
Field crops Trees Vegetables Ornamental plants
3-6 kg/ha 15-80 g/tree 5-10 kg/ha 0.5 g/lit

2-5 g/m2

From the beginning of growing stage with split application


  • Do not mix product with copper and zinc compounds
  • A compatibility test should be carried out before mixing with fertilizer and pesticides
  • Read the instructions carefully before use

Storage condition

Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life

At least 5 years at normal room temperature under normal storage condition.