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Biostimulant specifically for increasing fruit size and uniformity


RicoTop is a 100% organic fertilizer made of aminoacids and peptides, all of which are readily assimilated by plants. When applied on the leaves, this product is an efficient source of nutrients, as it provides the plants with the basic components that are necessary in the chemical reactions that bring to protein biosyntheins. RicoTop is a biostimulant specifically developed to increase the fruit size. Organic Carbon in RicoTop stimulate cell division and cell elongation, increasing the size of the cells by induction of protein synthesis. This results in healthier plants and increased crop production. Application of RicoTop promotes production of longer and more homogeneous fruits, which keep their flavor and consistency after harvest for a longer time. Other benefits include delayed senescence of leaves and better plant growth, being the result of a stimulated metabolism.

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