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RicoMic Ca-B

RicoMic Ca-B

Amino acid based fertilizer with the added benefit of calcium and Boron to prevent and correct these elements deficiencies



Calcium and Boron, together causes stronger cells in the plant and make it more resistant to diseases. They also minimize hydrolysis of protein to ammonia and greatly reduce calcium replacement by enzyme polygalacturonase that may lead to localized ethylene causes abortion of buds, flowers and fruits and plants are very vulnerable to diseases. The aminochelate fertilizers with considerable amounts of nitrogen in form of amino acids, play an important role in supply of plant’s nitrogen requirements.

Technical Datasheet

Guaranteed Analysis

Organic Nitrogen: 2%, Chelated Calcium (CaO-Glycine): 7%, Soluble Boron: 1%, Glycine 10%


Foliar application Application time
Field crops Trees Greenhouses
0.5-1 lit per ha 0.5-1 lit per 1000 lit water 0.5-1 lit per 1000 lit water At the beginning of growing stage with split application


  • Apply fertilizer early morning or late evening
  • Do not mix product with copper compounds, sulfate fertilizers and heavy metals compounds.
  • Do not use this product on the stone fruits.
  • Please do small foliar trial before spraying all the field.
  • Keep out of the rich of children.
  • Read the instructions carefully before use.

Storage condition

Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life

At least 5 years at normal room temperature under normal storage condition.