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Bio-stimulant for coloration in vegetable and fruit crops


MagoRic is a biostimulant specifically formulated for the fruiting stage, as it increases the fattening, coloration as well as its quality. The effects of applying MagoRic help increase the fruit sugar concentration, due to an increase of the sink effect in the fruit. Additionally, MagoRic helps to improve the fruit colouring and hardness, contributing to a higher quality.

Technical Datasheet


Free Amino Acid 4%, P2O5 12%, K2O 16%, Soluble Boron 0.5%, Soluble Fe 0.02%, Soluble Mn 0.01%, Soluble Zn 0.002%, Soluble Cu 0.002%


Crop Foliar




Application time
Vegetable 200-300 4-6 Application after fruit setting. 2-3 applications minimum every 15 days
Strawberries, berries 300 6 Application every 15 days from green button to harvest
Fruit Trees 300 6 2-3 application every 15 days after fruit setting


  • Do not mix with products containing calcium and magnesium
  • Compatibility test with the intended mixing partners is recommended before practical use

Apply fertilizer early morning or late evening

Storage condition

Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf life

At least 5 years at normal room temperature under normal storage condition.