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AlgaRic 5 Granule

AlgaRic 5 Granule

AlgaRic 5 Granule

Organic growth regulator


AlgaRic 5 granular organic fertilizer is made from the raw materials of seaweed, amino acid, humic acid, and other plant nutrients by advanced technology. It contains complex carbohydrates and is a wonderful fertilizer, a great soil builder and an excellent compost activator. AlgaRic 5 has nitrogen, phosphorus and Potassium which are the most frequently required in a crop fertilization program and humic acid which also induce electrochemical potential in the roots that facilitates nutrients uptake. Its growth promoting substances (Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins) enhance plant development, color and vigor.

Technical Datasheet

Guaranteed Analysis

Total N: 4%, P2O5: 15%, K2O 6%, Humic acid: 3.5%, Fulvic acid 1.7%, Seaweed extract 10% and organic matter: 18%,


Crop Soil application Application time
Trees 0.5-2 kg per tree Before bud swelling
Field crops 20-40 kg per ha At the beginning of vegetation
Greenhouses 10-20 kg per 1000 m2 At the beginning of vegetation


  • Well-formed granular organic and environmentally-friendly, easy to use and suitable for various crops
  • Repeat during the season if needed.
  • Do not mix product with alkali compounds and herbicides.

Storage condition

Store at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Opened containers should be resealed tightly after removal of fertilizer and be stored in a dry place.

Shelf life

At least 5 years at normal room temperature under normal storage condition.